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Mana Cermin Mata Nenek? / Where Are Nenek's Spectacles?

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Mana Cermin Mata Nenek? /  Where Are Nenek's Spectacles?

Penulis/Author: Zuzanita Zakaria

Ilustrasi/Illustrator: Lee Anne


Lenguh Nenek mencari cermin matanya. Tetapi, cermin matanya masih lagi belum dijumpa. Nenek mengesyaki bahawa si Mondok Buncit telah menucri cermin matanya lagi! Nenek berkongsi dengan Azra tentang si Mondok Buncit dan karenah kawan-kawan mondoknya yang lain. Tetapi, adakah Azra percaya cerita Nenek? Ikuti kisah bagaimana seorang anak kecil berkomunikasi dengan Neneknya yang sedang mengalami demensia.


Nenek has been looking high and low for her spectacles but she still couldn’t find them. She thinks the Fat-Bellied Rat has stolen them again. She shares with 5-year-old Azra about what the Fat-Bellied Rat and his friends are up to but does Azra believe her? Delve into this sweet story about how a little girl communicates with her ageing grandmother who has dementia.

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